It is a huge success for media marketing group or company to get ranked to the top despite of the tough competition. It only mean one thing that your innovative ideas and creative thinking when it comes to search engine optimization really works. I was up online searching for information about seo and I read a quiet interesting news about triangle direct media, congratulations for the success. I became so interested with the seo thing when cmf ads and adgitize closed their network last year. It affects my sites traffic that is why I tried to learn at least the basic. The search engine has a big impact to every website in the world wide web.

Do you know that Picnik will soon to close its services. They have been with picasa in google since I remembered. I Used Photobucket before but then I found out that picasa also had photo editing tool and that is the picnik. I have been using it to edit my pictures and add text or watermarks to my photo images. I was surprised last night when I edited one of my picture and a message popped up that says about their closing in April 19. So, if you use picnik to edit your photos then take advantage at their free premium offer. I love the premium feature as it gives more aesthetic beauty to your image when using the frame and the text. Lots of changes going on lately in the online world.