Expect a late entry if it’s Monday because my world is always gonna be out of proportion. It’s Manic Monday and time to play the Memory Lane Monday. I’d like to invite everyone to join and if you feel like hosting, then let the host know about it.

The Baby or youngest in our family is none other than the super amazing Justine. For Jake, Justine arrived as his rival and competition to all the attention. Jake was 17 months old when I got pregnant with Justine. He wasn’t happy when he first saw her in the hospital and every time he get’s in trouble, he takes it on Justine.

My Little Miss as a New Born

But this 2 year and six months old little Miss learned how to fight back. She is the youngest but sometime she acts like she is the eldest and knows lot of things. I guess there is an advantage of being a second child. You learn quicker and you have older sibling to look up to.
30 Months Old Justine

In her last doctor’s appointment last week, the doctor complimented her and said that she acts and thinks like a three year old already. She is more advance in verbal skills and she is sure a handful.

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