Guest post from: Bruno Smith

Last weekend, we went to visit my sister. She and her husband have four kids! Our newest niece was just born and it was her Baptism weekend. My sister has asked my husband and I to be her godparents. We were really excited. Unfortunately, it ended up raining all weekend, so we didn’t get to go out on the boat like we had planned. I didn’t mind much because we just spent time together talking and watching movies. I was actually really surprised by all of the good movies that were on TV. Much better than the movies that I get at my place with cable. She has Direct TV. I told her that when I got home that I would compare direct tv and hopefully switch so that I could get all of the great movie channels that she had. Luckily, after comparing, it was a very affordable and easy switch. I made an appointment for next week! I can’t wait until it is installed. The next rainy weekend, I am going to curl up on the couch and watch some movies!