It is summer now in the place where I come from and many people are heading off to the beaches to cool off heating bodies. It is really quite hot there now and many have already flocked to the resorts and bask in the summer sun. Others chill out and relax in Adirondack chairs placed strategically in the hotels and resorts to get a good view of the ocean or absorb a good amount of sunshine for a perfect tan.

But here, it is a different story. It is spring and families set out their Picnic Tables on weekends for some barbecue or just simply enjoy the weather, see the flowers bloom and have a good time with their loved ones. Parks and Park Benches are constantly packed with people who occasionally take a break from either walking or jogging, or take a seat and read the daily news or a good book, or just watch and ravel on the beauty of nature.

I am just glad that once in a while we can go out and enjoy spring and see nature and its beauty. The kids can play in the park’s playground, there’s Bleachers to sit on while watching the kids playing T-ball and I can take a breather. I thank God for His wondrous creation, for giving us the chance everyday to see and experience His love through nature.