Guest post from: Natalie Walter

I am officially aging. It has only been five years since I have been out of college, but I had a real awakening today when I was looking for a formal dress on-line using our internet connection that we got by logging onto t1.xo. A coworker came up behind me and asked me what I was shopping for. I told her that I was looking for a dress because I was going to be chaperoning a college dance this weekend. I am an alumni advisor for the sorority that I was in during college. She started laughing, “wow! We are really old!”. She asked, “do you remember when you were in college and there were people chaperoning your dance?”. The funny thing is that I actually really didn’t remember the chaperones being there. Either I was drinking too much, or too caught up in the date night to realize that there were “older” people there. I started thinking that it really didn’t matter what I was going to wear to the date night. I was just going to wear something that was recycled because no one would really notice!