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Remember those times when people wore those big ugly glasses? Thankfully, the style of eyeglasses has evolved since it was marketed. Now, you can now buy stylish glasses anywhere. Glasses can now complement your own style and your personality.

Through the years, optical technology have evolved. Who would have believed that few hundred years ago, glasses were known to be spectacles and are made of bone, metal or leather frames? The idea was still the same, wearing eyeglasses to help improve one's weak eyesight. As glasses evolved so does eye treatment. There was a vast improvement in the optical world. In the late 1800 contact lenses were developed in during the 1900s laser eye surgery became commercially available.

Today, there are now robotic eyeglasses that can help the blind see. It is really amazing how the optical technology have evolved. Below is Emerging Technology Info Graphic provided by Zenni Optical. Take time to read it and be amazed at the development of Optical Technology.

zenni_IG_800.png (800×2152)

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