Every year, many people die of smoking-related diseases, many acquire lung cancer and other diseases that are fatal. But still many people find it hard to stop smoking. Smoking is a kind of addiction that seems to be unstoppable despite the many advertisements and promotional materials directed to people to change their lifestyle and quit smoking, many are still addicted. But if people will really look into the many effects of smoking and get to experience these effects themselves, then it might be a good eye opener.

Smoking has always been a health hazard, it affects everyone, the young women, men, parents, the elderly and even the unborn baby. Even second hand smoke are really bad for the health. I am just glad that there are help that we can reach out should somebody wants to quit smoking. There are  many cessation programs, many people have learned their lesson well and have seen the importance of living healthy, quitting smoking and extending their lives. Cessation programs help and assist smokers in their progress to finally put an end to smoking. If you know somebody, a loved one or yourself that needs help about smoking addiction, don’t hesitate to ask the help of those cessation programs.

When people realize, then the world will be a better place to live in.