How’s life treating ya’ll? Well, life in our end is pretty boring and sometimes tiring, confusing, and more. In other words life is complicated but somewhat mysterious or meaningful or wonderful. Anyhow, we all have different definition and perspective about life. Right now, I’m just kind of bored with my life. I’ve been bored ever since and perhaps wishes to find a new version of me or my life. I wish life is as easy as getting up in the morning, getting up the do nothing all day long. Actually, am living with this kind of life right now but I feel awful and useless and that what makes my life suckishly ever. I thought this life is easy but it’s not. I feel like invalid plus the guilt for not doing my obligation and responsibility as a mom and parent. Seems like I am having a very difficult time to move on and start over. I can’t blog anymore because I don’t feel like it. I need a life!