This past six months I’ve been lazy doing nothing. I refused to have life so I stayed in bed most of the time. Sometimes, i don’t sleep at night and just keep watching korean shows and Tv dramas at netflix. At first i was so addicted with Korean shows because I enjoyed listening to their dialect. It felt like i was in Korea or maybe I just hide myself through this shows and avoid to see the reality. Anyway, I become fascinated how Koreans eat and their food like ramyun. I’ve been eating a lot and look what i got now. I gain weight like 15LBS. Now i am done with Korean shows, i started watching old TV series and forget to sleep at night. And while I am up all night, I get hungry and give in to my cravings. I just can’t stop eating at the middle of the night. I seem not to care if I get fat. I also don’t exercise. I sat all day and all night long in front of the computer doing nothing but snacking, eating and watching movies.

I’m telling you it’s not easy to be fat. It’s hard to breath and most of my clothes won’t fit on me anymore. My head want to lose weight but my body and brain are so lazy to do it. I keep saying I’d go back exercising tomorrow which is i don’t know LOL. Yesterday, I went to the Korean store and bought two big pack of Ramyun noodles. No one can solve my issues but me and right now i kind of irresponsible to be responsible harharhar. Couple of days ago i minimized eating rice and had salad instead. I thought I’d lost weight with it but instead i gain couple of pounds that added to the 15 lbs I gained from watching korean shows, youtube and Tv dramas on netflix. I have plenty of excuses now not to blog. I’m too fat to blog, too dumb to blog, too lazy to blog, too damage to blog and so on and so forth.