Do you know where I bought my jeans when I was pregnant? Well, I only have one maternity jeans and I bought it at the thrifty store. When I was pregnant with my first born I wasn’t that big and I don’t go out that often either. I wore sweat pants most of the time and I never wore maternity dress. My jeans when I was single still fits on and that’s what I wore when I go out. Moreover, when I was pregnant with my second bundle of joy, I looked big. So, I went to the thrift store nearby our old apartment and bought a maternity jean for less. Shopping for maternity dress and jeans were the things I wanted to do when I was pregnant but never had the luxury to do so because of the financial problem. Splurge in shopping even if your pregnant. Shop for maternity jeans at that makes you look hot even if you have a bun in the oven. Check out their store by visiting the link provided. Enjoy shopping!