I knew it! I won’t last a week with this diet thing. At least i tried right? Am still gonna try though but not now. I just don’t have self discipline when it comes to dieting or self control when it comes to food. I’m still weigh 15 lbs more than my usual weight. It means I have to work really hard to get rid of this 15 f***ing extra pound to get back in shape and most of all be able to wear my jeans and shorts again. It’s hard when you gain weight out of no where because you are not prepared with what’s going to happen healthy wise and size wise. I never experience to be this heavy in my entire life except those times when I was prego with the second child. Aside from the fact that it’s so nasty looking at the extra fats hanging at your body, it’s also tiring. It seems like I’m running out of breath even if I don’t do much work. And above all, none of my short fits on me anymore.

Anyway, I had been eating salad and eventually got tired of it because all i breath every time I burp is the salad dressing and the lettuce. My body is also craving for rice so, it’s kind of hard to resist not having rice every day. And if I get hungry or my mouth wants to chew something or drink coke perhaps, my other side of the brain would say, diet?? screw that! Bad brain LOL. Diet is just a matter of self discipline and focus. I guess i don’t have this kind of qualities yet. I have to set my goal seriously if I want to lose weight. They say i don’t look that fat but man, it’s really hard because i may be look stucky but i wasn’t fat then.