It’s been a year since we moved in to our new house. This house is very old and the previous owner was doing a great job caring for this house. I think she replaced the flooring of this house and removed the carpet in the first floor. The floor was in good condition and looks shiny when we moved in. I look online for product that I can use to maintain the shine of the floor and found nothing. I wanted to use a floor wax but the husband said it’s not allowed here in the US. That was shocking because back in my hometown, most houses were built with hardwood floor and used floor wax in it. So, anyway i haven’t put anything on the floor since we moved in and I noticed that the shine has starting to fade out. It may not be at this moment but in the future I want a new floor or perhaps put a new carpet on it. I like the floor right now as it takes less time cleaning up specially if you have little kids. So, if you are on a budget in improving your house like putting up some new floor of some sort then Get your FREE in-home measure today. It’s good to know how much are you going to pay and the right estimate for getting all the work done.