Getting back in Shape with Workout and Hulahoop

Gaining weight is as easy as 123 but losing weight is as hard as climbing the Mt. Everest. Honestly, I wasn’t too concern with gaining weight until I experienced occasional wheezing and catching my breath a lot of times. Plus, I don’t have any clothes to wear because most of my jeans won’t fit on me anymore and the blouse, I look gross with the belly fat hanging out. I am not that fat, am I? I gained 17 lbs in the past three month and been doing my workout for couple weeks and lost 2 lbs. Imagined that, all that workout from Jillian DVDs and cardio hip-hop is quiet tiring enough but I only lost 2 lbs. I set my mind not to get discourage and keep doing my workout. I have to get the worth of the DVDs, dumbbell, exercise mat and this hula hoop that I bought online. Doing hula hoop perhaps will shape my body I hope hula hoop hope so LOL. Am thinking of taking a walk too as suggested by my doctor.