Reliable cooking sets made of beautiful copper, durable titanium and other top materials enhance your experience in the kitchen. Emeril® cookware, founded by top chef Emeril Lagasse, is one example of a brand that delivers exceptional performance. From enamel cast iron paella pans to stainless steel soup pots, this collection encompasses all of the items you need to cook great meals consistently. Other dependable choices include ceramic pots, which distribute heat well and are easy to clean.

Emeril stainless steel cookware is known for its versatility and strong construction. Selections include stock pots with internal measuring marks, saucepans with variable straining lids and other items that feature triple-ply layers of stainless steel. Emeril anodized cookware with non-stick surfaces also produces reliable results. This specially treated cookware, which includes a range of griddles, roasters and fry pans, is stronger than steel, resistant to scratches and non-reactive. When you want to cook large amounts of food on your stove, ceramic stock pots deliver top-notch performance. Ceramic is safe to heat to high temperatures, and you do not need to season it after each use. Adding to its reliability, it is very resistant to scratching and chipping.

Even if you are an inexperienced cook , you can achieve superior results in the kitchen by using quality cookware sets from Emeril, Rachael Ray, Cuisinart, Calphalon and other industry-leading brands. Create crisp, authentic sandwiches with a panini grill, use a slow cooker to simmer a delectable pot roast or dish up flavorful pasta crafted in a lasagna pan made by any of these trusted brands.