For someone with an interest in aromatherapy and essential oils then a great gift would be a selection of the most popular oils along with the other necessary items needed including base oils.

If someone is providing aromatherapy massages then it is necessary for them to have base oils for massage as essential oils are best not applied directly to skin. Also, using base oils will allow you to mix a combination of essential oils according to what sort of therapy is required, for example relaxation or pain relief. The range of aromatherapy base products is huge; some base products include coconut oil, almond oil and jojoba.

As well as choosing an essential oil based on its properties you can also choose the carrier oil that best fits the job as well as smelling nice or choosing one that has no scent. For example, evening primrose oil is a great oil to use if you are massaging someone with eczema or psoriasis, sunflower oil has health benefits for inflamed joints and bruising and rose hip is a regenerative oil which helps against ageing, eczema, wounds and scars. For maximum impact you can even combine base oils as well as mixing essential oils, for example both avocado and apricot kernel oils are rich and help nourish dry skin.

For the ultimate gift buy your budding masseuse a few different base oils as well as some essential oils so they can start mixing and creating great scents. Some of the most popular essential oils are lavender – great for relaxation and helping with sleep, lemon – an uplifting scent that is also good on cuts and scrapes, peppermint – containing menthol it is great to help decongest and clear headaches, roman chamomile – a great relaxing oil. There are so many oils available and each have their own benefits, any that you buy would be appreciated and used.

As well as base oil and essential oils, another great gift would be an essential oil burner or spray diffuser allowing people to scent their house with welcoming and relaxing oil scents.