The use of electronics and technology have taken over the traditional and simple lifestyle. Every appliances inside our house from TV, stove to lighting works with electricity. Sometimes, the monthly electric bill goes up beyond our budget and that is a burden already but what can we do, this is part of life. You cannot go back to the old ways or live in the mountain otherwise. You have to keep up with the latest technology, gadget and gizmos so you won’t be left out. Even kids these days own a cellphone, ipod and camera. Meanwhile, there is a way to save a little by spending a little too. You could use rechargable batteries for all your battery operated gadget. It’s economical and convenient because you don’t have to buy disposable battery anymore. There are times though that the store is out of stock for specific battery like AAA or AA. The rechargeable is very useful and convenient. You can use it to recharge battery on your camera, flashlight, or portable radio. Check out Thomas Distributing Battery Supply and Electronics as they have wide selection of batteries and charger.