The Best Ice Cream You Will Ever Taste! Summer is approaching and when the heat is rising the only thing that helps to keep our cool is a scoop or two of ice cream and Graeter’s is on top of it.

Graeter's | Irresistible

Do you know why Graeter’s ice cream is appealing to all Pittsburgh foodies and healthy living enthusiasts? Well, Graeter’s ice cream is All Natural flavors, it’s soft and irresistible. You can stay in your healthy lifestyle and not feeling guilty while indulging some sweet ice cream sensation. Graeter’s has perfected a traditional French Pot process, making the world’s finest ice cream just two gallons at a time. It’s the only way to achieve the irresistible creaminess that is Graeter’s.

I would say that my family was lucky to have live in Pittsburgh area because Graeter’s ice had selected Pittsburgh residents to be among the first to taste their new flavors such as Salted Carmel ice cream flavor, Black Cherry Chocolate Chip, and signature Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip. All these three flavors are delicious and yummy as what my three year old described it. So, if you live around Pittsburgh area then you should consider checking out this newest addition to Graeter’s ice cream family and find it at the frozen dessert section of your Giant Eagle store. I am not sure if their testing promotion is over but it couldn’t hurt to check it. This could be a great summer activity to take the whole family to get a taste of the new Graeter’s flavors!

Graeter’s is the best ice cream you’ll ever taste, and they want to share the love with fans across the country. Graeter’s is available in more than 1,400 Kroger-owned stores around the country and expanding! Find Graeter’s Where You Live! Click Here. Visit Graeter’s website to buy your favorite flavor. This irresistible Graeter’s Ice Cream can be shipped anywhere in the U.S. (except Alaska and Hawaii and PO Boxes)! They ship your ice cream via UPS with a guarantee that your ice cream will arrive frozen. Follow Graeter’s on Twitter and Like their page on Facebook so that you don’t miss out any great things and happenings including new limited edition and bonus flavors, promotion and updates. You can also find special information on shipping Graeter’s to your friends across the country and even where you can find Graeter’s in grocery stores across the country as we begin to expand availability.