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Watching all kinds old and new TV shows had been my thing since last year.  If I want to watch a very old TV shows all I need to do is search online.  I also watch foreign TV shows of different genre.  I bookmarked those websites that hosts videos of different TV shows.  There is a new website I found online which you might find interesting.  It is called zeebox a new company based in London, England backed by a talented and driven team with the aim of making TV better by bringing the power of the web to every second of live TV – and making it a more immersive and social experience than ever before.  Visit their website and register for free account then join a TV Room to start watching your favorite show while socializing.  You also will be eligible for a $10k give away  TV Room – Win $10k Grand Prize for Best TV Room or $1k daily for best comment or post.  Sounds even better isn't it.

Perhaps, you would want to try zeebox tv companion app for free which not only serves you relevant information based on what you are watching; it also is a community of tv rooms where you can talk privately about your favorite shows.  Join the TV Room to watch your favorite TV shows – drama, sports and celebrity.  Zeebox has stacks of ways to make watching TV better than ever before.  This clever tv companion app zeebox helps you discover, connect, share and interact – all live as you watch.  Of course you can watch TV with this free app in your laptop, and also available iPhone, iPad, Android phone or BlackBerry smartphone.  The Help & FAQs section will answer your question about everything you want to know.  So, what are you waiting for, try it now!

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