Going on a camping trip can be a great way to spend the weekend with the family. It would be a welcome change especially for the kids since they get to enjoy the outdoors instead of just watching TV or playing video games all day. In order to have a safe and fun camping trip, it is important that you prepare a checklist of all the things that you need to bring with you. Do not wait for the last minute because there is a possibility that you will end up forgetting a lot of things.

Among the camping essentials that you should bring with you are personal hygiene items, first aid kit, sleeping bags, tents, insect repellent, food items, flashlights and cleaning supplies. A first aid kit is important especially when you have active kids who enjoy playing around the camping area. To keep everyone entertained, you can bring with you a few family-friendly entertainment tools such as board games, a deck of cards for the older members of the family or a guitar. Whether it’s a basic acoustic guitar or a takamine eg440cstry nex, bringing one with you during your camping trip can be a great way to bond with the whole family. This may even encourage your children to learn the basics of guitar playing from you. With proper preparation, you can look forward to a fun and memorable camping trip with your family.


We had our family camping last 4th of July and that was our second year camping out at Rose Point Park.