I am not much of a coffee drinker but when I arrived here in the US I became a regular coffee drinker and gotten worst when I stayed up late for blogging. Husband on the hand, coffee for him is a must especially in the morning. He used a small pot to boil water and that pan got burnt by yours truly. The handle melted but we still able to salvage that poor. We used that same pot for the first three years of our married life.

One day it was decided that the little pot had to retired and buy a real teapot. We’ve been using this teapot for quiet a long while. I lost track how many times it almost burnt because I forgot. It’s a tough teapot though for surviving that long under the hand of a forgetful user.

My forgetfulness got this poor teapot burned. I boiled the water then I went upstairs, took a nap and played hide and sick with Juz10. I also watched TV and totally traveled to lalaland. It was already past four o clock in the afternoon when the Juz10 woke me up. She said she smell something and I ignored it at first. Then I smell something burning so I went downstairs and checked. I remembered then that I was boiling water for coffee. It’s now looked like I was burning water wasn’t it.

The scree came off because the cover handle melted. This teapot was color black almost like charcoal. I cleaned it so hard so the husband won’t suspect but he knew anyway. He already figured out what happened.

I bought a new teapot online and it was the cheap one. It is not even good as the old teapot but we need this. We have electric coffee maker but sometimes our french press coffee make is better than the other coffee maker. We’ve been using this bulky looking teapot for over couple of months i think and almost burned it again.

This is what our teapot looks like now. From a one shiny teapot to almost burned again. It is still working fine though and we are using it. Oh man getting old sucks, being senile suckishly.