I started with my part time work last summer. It was an okay job better than nothing. I just really need some experience and exposure. I feel like I lost my confidence and doesn’t know how to talk with people. Meanwhile, after working a few days I started feeling pain in my hand besides the obvious that it gets rough. I am not really sure what’s the cause of my painful hand. The pain gets worst after work and when I wake up in the morning. I get numb feeling like there some electricity running through it. I search online for similar symptoms and I read the carpal tunnel. All the painful symptoms of carpal tunnel I feel it. In order to endure the pain, I followed the pain remedy they have suggested. It helps a little but I still feel the pain. I don’t want to have a check up because the doctor might say I need to rest. I can’t afford to rest right now because to save money for future use and for my family back home.