It doesn’t matter how much time you spend cleaning your home every week or the type of products that you use. Mold can and will form on your walls, inside your cabinets and in other damp places. Mold remediation companies can look over your home to find signs of mold and treat that mold to keep it from coming back later. Before calling on one of these companies for help, there are some things you should know about mold and how to identify the signs of a mold problem for yourself.

What Causes Mold?

Mold is essentially a living organism that forms when spores move through the air and land on a surface. Though you might hear horror stories regarding black mold, green and brown mold is just as dangerous. Left untreated, the various types of mold can make you feel nauseous, leave you with flu like symptoms and even cause breathing troubles. As mold can grow both inside your house and on the exterior of your home, it’s important that you know where to look when giving your home a thorough inspection.

Where to Look in Your Home

The two things that mold needs to thrive is darkness and moisture. Any area of your home that is on the darker side and has moisture or humidity in the air is the perfect place for mold to settle and grow. That is why you should always look inside your cabinets and underneath the sinks in both your kitchen and bathroom. You should also consider inspecting your roof. Mold is one of the more common problems that can plague a roof, and excessive amounts of mold may even lift the shingles right off your home and leave your roof exposed to the elements.

Treatment Options

Certain types of mold are easily treatable with products like bleach. You can dilute the bleach with water, apply the mixture to the walls with a spray bottle and scrape or scrub off the mold. The problem is that you don’t know if you have a potentially dangerous form of mold. There is a risk that you might not find the underlying cause of the mold either, which means that will come back. Contacting a mold remediation Bethesda is a better solution. Experts can identify the root cause of your mold and treat your entire home.