Radon is a gas that occurs naturally. Over time, it can have dire consequences to your health, including death. In fact, thousands of people are diagnosed with lung cancer each year, and this can be directly attributed to radon exposure. The problem with detecting radon is that this gas cannot be seen, and it does not have any odor. Your best course of action is to have your property tested for the presence of radon.

Where in the country should testing for radon be done?
Radon gas can be found underground throughout the entire nation. Because it is a product of the decay of radium, there are larger concentrations of radon found where the element radium is found, and there are certain areas of the country where this element is abundant relative to other areas. However, no place in the United States can be considered radon free. Regardless of where you live, testing should be done to confirm that your property is safe.

Who should test for radon?
Since all land containing structures that have people inside need to be tested, anyone owning houses, apartments, commercial buildings or other structures where people reside needs to test for this gas. Homeowners selling their house need to test for the gas, and those buying a home need to insist that this test be done. All business owners need to have testing done to protect the health of their employees. In addition, retail establishments need to make sure their customers are also protected from exposure. Schools and government buildings need to make sure radon levels are not dangerously high.

What you should do if radon levels are too high
Just because there is some radon detected, doesn’t mean that there is a problem. Once these levels cross over certain limits set by the Environmental Protection Agency, you have a problem that needs a solution. Radon can be mitigated, but because it exists inside the ground and works its way up to the surface, it will never be eliminated. The idea is to reduce the gas to acceptable levels.

Solving the radon problem
If you find that radon levels are too high in your home or business, then you need to contact a radon mitigation company. They can analyze the problem and implement the best technique or combination of techniques to reduce the radon problem on your property.

Although the effects of radon can take years to manifest, you need to find out if you have a problem or not. The sooner you can have your house or building tested, the sooner you will know that your everyone is safe on your property.