If you’re not a fan of traditional metal braces, then consider clear braces Brentwood dental offices offer to give you the straight teeth that you desire. There are a few benefits of clear braces that you won’t see with metal braces. One of the initial benefits that you will notice is that the process to get clear braces is much faster and easier than with metal brackets. You won’t have to worry about glue being placed on the teeth for the braces to stay in place or wires being run through the brackets.

Clear braces are simply a tray that will fit over the teeth. A mold of the mouth is taken before the tray is made. Once the tray is placed in the mouth, it will begin to straighten the teeth. You will have to go to the dental office once the teeth begin to shift in order to get a new tray made. This could be done every few weeks or once every few months depending on how quickly the teeth will shift.

One of the reasons as to why many people get clear braces is that they aren’t seen when you smile or talk to other people. This can drastically improve the self-esteem compared to seeing metal brackets in the mouth with traditional braces. You usually won’t have any of the other appliances in the mouth that you would with braces. These could include rubber bands to help move teeth that are in an awkward position or spacers that are placed between the teeth to further help shift them if they are overlapping.

The aligners can be removed from the mouth. If you like eating certain foods, such as popcorn or chips, then this is a benefit. When you have metal braces, there are certain foods that you should avoid because they can break the brackets or get wrapped around the brackets, making it difficult to get them clean. Removing the aligners also makes it easier to brush and floss the teeth. You can also remove them for a short time while you are sleeping to provide comfort for the mouth.