Being a notary public is a nice addition to other business services in the Florida area. There is high demand for experts that can offer the seal of the state of Florida for important documents. Below is a summary of what it takes to get this certification and begin your own notary business.

Complete a Certified Notary Course and Order Desired Bond Package

There is a required three hour course that has to be taken and passed in order to be a notary public office holder for the state of Florida. Check with the company you choose to use for bonding and see if they offer this course, for free, or at least a nominal charge.

Complete the Application and All required Paperwork

After completing the course you will need to fill out a formal application. There are other needed papers that have to be filled out completely and sent at the same time, such as the oath of office section, memorandum section and the form for State of Florida bond of notary public. All of this is critical to make it easier for the state of Florida to determine if you are suitable for the task.

Mail in the Proper Forms to the Bonding Company

The final step is to mail in the certificate for the completed educational course, all associated paperwork and the money for the bonding package of your choosing. Your application will formally be filed with the state of Florida. At this point, all you have to do is sit back and wait.

Receive Your Official Notary Public Certificate From the State of Florida

In a few short weeks, you will receive your official certificate from the state that declares you a notary public. You will also get your official seal that is personally created from the information on this document. You can now open up shop and begin notarizing for the public.

Contact experts in notary public training and certification like and find out how affordable and easy becoming a notary can be. Fill out a notary application Florida today!