Kitchen cabinets are no longer the plain and boring designs with handles that they once were. The latest trends with kitchen cabinet remodeling include darker colors, bolder pieces of hardware that stand out in the room and taller cabinets so that you can store more items without keeping them on the counters. Another trend is an open cabinet system. This is a design that features shelves on the walls without any doors. It’s similar to a cabinet without needing to open a door every time you need something.

Dark colors are rather popular with kitchen cabinets. Chocolate is one that you want to include in the kitchen when you’re thinking about a remodeling project. This color will blend well with other decorations that are in the room and almost any color of appliance. Counters that are a contrasting color of honey or oak are ideal in the kitchen as each component will accent the other.

A shaker style cabinet seems to be taking over the kitchen. This is a design that features a square panel on the door and elongated handles. The design is simple and focuses more on the simplicity of the design than the extras that can be added to the cabinets. This design works best with cabinets that are closer to the floor and on an island than above counters. Another idea is to use a classic cherry cabinet surface. This is a bolder color that is very vibrant. It can be toned down with colors of blue and green. However, you’ll usually see a shine with the cabinets that use this color. Granite counters and hardwood floors of the same cherry hue work well with these cabinets.

If you’re looking for something a little more relaxed or exotic, then consider cabinets that look like they are made with bamboo. The horizontal design elongates the look of the kitchen while adding texture to the room as well. Hardwood floors also work well with this design as it keeps a wooden look in the room instead of different colors throughout. Mahogany is a color that blends well with the bamboo cabinets.