Without a doubt, Christmas was made for baked goods and no one in the Chicago area does it like Jarosch Bakery. One thing is to get assembly line produced baked goods, and another thing is to buy them and order Christmas cookies with the taste and smell of home-baked items from scratch.

Typical Experiences At Some Bakeries

Okay, some of you have known the nightmare before Christmas that begins way before the holiday starts–possibly right after Halloween. Your mailbox begins to flood with beautiful, glossy pages full of exquisite baked items of every size, texture and color: biscuits, cookies, Marzipan, rye and cinnamon breads, eclairs, Bismarks, miniature pastries and more much all beckoning you from gorgeously photographed catalog pages.

Then, it begins for some people. As the days pass, you might receive emails or phone calls, or maybe you might not receive any notice at all: “Your order is delayed as they’ve run out of the main ingredients.” Possibly, the bakery had to delay the deliveries as their shipper terms changed, and they had to secure another shipping method.

The Jarosch Experience

Well, as said, that may be the experience at some other bakeries, but not at Jarosch!

First of all, forget the season hassle because at this bakery, they appreciate your time. Moreover, they want you to spend that precious time doing other things other than worrying about baking your own cookies.

Secondly, let them do the baking, decorating and even gift wrapping for you! Wrapped Fancy Frosted Tree Cookies and Iced Snowman Face Cookie Bags especially make welcome gifts for your kid’s teachers and for your co-workers as well.

If a cookie bag won’t do it for your acquaintances, then try the huge assortment of custom-made holiday baskets for either Christmas or Hanukkah!

If you don’t see what you like, then how about ordering your specific favorites? But you’ll have to hurry to order as they cut off orders several days before Christmas Eve.

This special holiday selection is available only in December, and you’ll need to order early to get all your favorites! Better yet, call the friendly staff for a more pleasurable experience at Jarosch Bakery! They’ll be glad to help you with your ordering needs for receiving your holiday delights on time!

However, if you prefer, visit the special order Christmas cookies Chicago Il page online, and see the difference when you, your family and loved ones gather for this special holiday season.