The signs of an impending sewer line clog are there but can be subtle and easily ignored. Below are a few ways you can call in professional help and get rid of a serious clog fast.

Get a Video Line Inspection

Sensing a camera down into the sewage line in the best way to see what is causing the clog. A plumber can better determine the best course of action to remove the source of the porblem, whether it is hair, grease, tree roots, or other debris. You can see the inside of the line in real-time.

Hydro Jetting to Power Away Clogs

Hydro jetting is a method of sending an intense stream of water down the sewage line to try and blast the clog away. It’s an effective method most of the time, but can be tough if the clog has been there a while.

Sewer Rodding to Force Clogs Out

A sewer rodding machine is made up of a flexible metal line that can go through the twists and turns needed inside the sewage line. The head attached is the same size as the pipe that is clogged. It will force the clog to break free and move on out to the city sewage system.

Combination Rodding and Hydro Jetting Process

Sewer rodding can be followed up by the hydro jetting method to ensure your entire sewer line is free of clogs and junk. It can also remove tree roots that are growing down into the pipes. It’s the perfect combination to ensure you have no clogs for a long time to come.

Get and keep your sewer line free-flowing by having the system flushed on a regular basis. It eliminates the problems associated with sudden, complete clogs.