Guest post from: Natalie Walter

I’m the kind of college football fan that wears all the makeup and crazy hats, but it’s only because I love the sport; also, I totally support my team whether they win or lose. The difference this year is that my usual losing team has become the winning team and is competing for its first conference championship. That’s right – I’m talking about the South Carolina Gamecocks.

Even though I will be concentrating on the South Carolina/Auburn game, my satellite TV from will definitely be tuned-in to the other games going on around the nation. I think I have just invested so much time in my life to the Gamecocks that I will have no time to think about other games; however, I will give it a shot. The Oregon Ducks don’t have a conference championship, but they are ranked number one in the nation and a loss against Oregon State will ruin their hopes for a national championship.

If South Carolina can defeat the Auburn Tigers this time, Auburn will no longer be eligible for the national championship either. There is a lot riding on the South Carolina game, and nothing will tear me away from the television when the games begin.