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Baby Gift

I chatted to my youngest brother over Facebook and asking question how he is, how my parents doing and when is the baby coming? He and his girlfriend are expecting their first bundle of joy this July. My parents are in General Santos right now, to help out with his girlfriend because his job asking him to go to Manila. He is assigned in Manila right now, so he ask my Mom to come over to General Santos so there is someone who can watch his girl friend. I asked him when is the due date so i can send them the ergo baby carrier as gift to their coming baby. I have also some few baby clothing that I want to give as hand me downs. These will help them save money in shopping for baby clothes and get by with the expenses, since they just starting a family. They also just bought a house so I’m sure they have tight budget. I’m so glad there is facebook today otherwise there is no way I can communicate to my lil bro. We don’t have land line phone and calling them on my cell would surely cost a fortune.

Nostalgia #12 Justine- My sweet baby

We always say this lots of time how time flies by. Oh yeah! It’s quick that we never noticed our little one grows so fast. Good thing there’s camera to capture every moment of their growing up and milestones. Some of you perhaps witness my little lamb chop from being in my womb to birth and up to her first birthday. These are her latest photos though, I am feeling nostalgic how my little lamb chop grows so fast.

I am so happy that she grows up to be a beautiful, sweet, happy and healthy baby. This is my entry for this week Nostalgia hosted by badingding. Visit other nostalgia by clicking the badge. Thank for the visit and comments.


Baby Shower Theme Idea

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