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Birthday Cake from Coldstone

Monday was my lil guy 5th year birthday. Oh man! I have 5 year old now. He was happy because got all those toys he named and wished to get for his birthday. We had cake when we started opening his presents. Joe mistakenly bought a mint flavor cake so when the two pressies hogger chose to just play with the toys they got than finishing their cake. I don’t when are going to finish this cake though. Anyway, Happy Birthday once again to my sweet, good and adorable Jake.

Birthday Cake

This is a long overdue post which I supposed to publish months ago. Cake:Birthday! A birthday celebration is not complete without a cake. There were times when cake used to be simple as plane frosting, flowery accent and a word Happy Birthday! But now seems like a birthday cake have also evolved just like technology, fashion, and the likes. Your can order or make a cake with your kids favorite cartoon character, toys and even faces in it. Pretty amazing huh! However, the cake above is not I what was expecting when we ordered it. I thought there would be a nice dora characters made out of frosting on top. But when husband picked the order, they gave him this dora and diego toys to decorate on top of the cake. I guess the store where we bought this cake haven’t heard of the latest yet in cake decorating. I want a Princess and Spiderman cake next time and is looking for a place that make good cake in our area.