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My Blog Evolution and Unpredictable

Would you like to know how many times I revamped this blog? well many time, and I also make over this blog number of times.  The first title i gave to this blog was My Solitude and Serenity.  Then, I got caught up with my busy world when i was pregnant and gave birth to  Justine so I fuse this blog and changed the title to Blog Fusion.

Blog Fusion was a mixed of MSAS and Sissy’s Pastime.  I asked my sister before if they can maintain the sissy’s pastime but they are all lazy and doesn’t know how to blog.  The write post but I was the one who managed it.

I changed the layout and header again and again and still got tired of it. This was the first blog I tried to submit to $heriff before but never got lucky.  Until I revamped the sissys pastime into Milestones with its own domain and fortunately got accerpted right away to payu2b.

After how many changes I made to this blog, am still not satisfied.  I thought I like it already but then I get tired easily.  So, I changed the title again to Life’s Seasoning for the purpose of making it a kitchen blog.  But then, something not right so i changed the title to Disorganized.  The template I used had a broken permalinks so as punishment of my unpredictable and disorganized blog I never got paid in those post that got rejected because it was not found.

Then, I made a decision of experimenting other platform.  So, I imported this blog from blogger to wordpress.  I also transferred the registrar of the domain from 1&1 to Godaddy.  That action caused not one but lots of unpaid post because they were not found and it was down for more than two weeks.  This is the evolution of this blog before it finally came up with the title Life Mix.  I asked anygen for a name and she helped me think of the title.

Aaron Breslow Home

Aaron Breslow

There are many ways to share our thoughts and interest to the public and one of them is blogging. In blogging we are free to express anything such as family, work, hobby, and many more. It is our online journal where we can write interesting and informative we learned and read on the news or books. Take for example Aaron Breslow; he has several blogs where he talks about baseball, his hobbies and interactive-blogging. Recently, around September Aaron Breslow Home was open to the public. It was Aaron Breslow seventh blog which is more of a casual blog. It’s a place where he can share his thoughts and anything interesting he might have read, seen or done. Aaron Breslow also encourages his readers to take part and share their thoughts. Some of the topics that Aaron Breslow posted in his blogs are the most unique places in the world to visit and his trip to Vegas. I encourage you to visit Aaron Breslow’s blog and share your thoughts on his latest post. Feel free to read his blog and share your thoughts about your favorite candy and any other addictive foods you have. Head on over to Aaron Breslow Home and leave a comment or two.

A Blog to Visit

Have you heard about the IFCRM blog? Well, guys why don’t you give this blog a visit and check out the post about Doug Kaplan services. Doug Kaplan is the right person when it comes to business related services. He is a professional in SEO and efficient advertising over internet and radio. He has an experience with different services such as call center, mortgage services and many more.