I have introduced before my siblings and again I just want to share about my little bro. He is the 2nd sibs from the youngest. The last time we see each other was 10 years ago. Yeah 10 years, it was year 2000 when I decided to go back to Cebu and that time my Mom transferred him to general Santos city and had my military uncle discipline him as he started to cut classes and hang out with friends who used drugs. When you are a student it’s hard to come home to your hometown and spend a long vacation with your family. That’s what my brother’s situation when he stayed at my uncles place. So, we never got the chance to came home at the same time. I snatched his pictures at his Facebook photo album. I can’t believed how this little guy turn out to be fine young man with successful life and career.

He works as a manager in one of the established food chain in General Santos Philippines. He now drives his own car and travel to different places in the Philippines. When you live in a third world country it pretty hard to buy your own car as the minimum wage there is not enough to support your personal needs and luxury. He able to get his own car because our big bro who works abroad helped him with the payments. Oh, how I missed hanging out with my brothers and sisters. I hope one day, there will be time that the seven of us including my half brother will see again for a gathering or reunion for some sort.