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Your Business, Your Card

Have you been a victim of false advertising? I supposed some of you experienced that before but you didn’t mind it. I ask my husband when I got here, is there anything that is free in this country? Well, his answer was so obvious, nothing is free. Sometimes we get free coupon but not totally free, just a couple of dollar discount on the item. My point guys don’t get taken advantage of by those who offer free, like free business cards for instance. You work hard for you own business, so when you order for business card, it should be your business name appeared on it not others business, that is what commonly happen in free business card. For real personalized and customizable business card designs check out They have vast variety of products with customizable designs. You can choose your business card by profession or style start at just $3.95. Get online now and order your own business card.

Save the Date

Hosting a party is not that easy, first you have to think of your party menu second prepare foods for the guest and then make a list of guests and visitors for your party lastly, notify the guest and friends. It takes a lot of time and effort for the planning alone. To make your job a little bit easier use save the date magnets, you can check it out at Save the Date products are a memorable time to notify your guests. They have tons of save the date designs that you can express your own style and personality. Save the date is perfect for a wedding, parties and any celebrations. You can put a photo to tell the story visually for free. There are different products to choose such as save the date magnets, save the date postcards or save the date cards. Check it out now; don’t wait to ask guests to Save the Date.

Christmas Card Anyone?

They say if the month of the year step on the “ber” Christmas is almost here. Well, in the Philippines even if it is still September it’s already Christmas. You can see other people do caroling on the street; hear Christmas song on radio and other start putting up their Christmas decorations. Anyway, some of us already buy Christmas cards for their friends and family. If you want personalized christmas cards then you should check out for they have vast variety of products with thousands of designs available for this special time of the year. Plus you can personalized your message and name in your choice of colours and upload images, photos or logos to your Christmas Cards for free. So, don’t wait for December guys, buy your Christmas cards now and save money.