Thank to my ever busy dearest badingding for hosting the meme. It’s Nostalia time folks and here is my piece.

When i graduated college I didn’t have the money to get the kind of college ring that I like. This style was the cheapest so i go with it. I asked money from my Mom for the down payment and deposit but I paid the full amount with the money that i worked for as KFC crew/pantry in CDO. I didn’t wear this ring while i was still working in KFC and orange bruts and Ayala. I started wearing this ring when I got the job in Cebu City Division.

This was my last photo with my former co teacher/ close friends in my last year of teaching in Labangon Bliss Elementary School as a teacher. I missed my old job, my former co-teacher and my pupils as well as my friends. Im glad there’s Facebook. Some of my old and new friends, co teacher including former students have connected with me in FB now. Couple of nights ago I went online in FB and one of my old students in Grade four who was in 2nd year college now message me with “Maam padad i ko ug chocolate”(maam send me some chocolate) waaaa, Now i hide my status every time i get online in FB hehehe.