There is one thing that my husband won’t let me have and that is credit card. Yes folks, I don’t have credit card. I have debit card which i can use it as credit card for safe purchase but the problem my husband won’t let me use either my debit card. The part of my marriage life that I don’t like is the being so controlling of my dear husband. He won’t let me have what most people have. He just wants me to be some kind of regular person who doesn’t know everything. That is why i can’t blame myself of wanting to go back in my single life because I have all the freedom to do what i want. I can use my debit card and money the way I wanted and I can also get credit card anytime i want. He has 8 credit cards that he acquired when he was still single and when I arrived in the US we always tightened our belt with all our expenses because we had to pay his credit card. It was really sound unfair on my part but what can i do he is my husband. Things changes so I am really hoping some of his negative side will change for the good of our marriage and relationship.