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My favorite chick flick of all time!

Thanks for the article from Glenda Hanson

I am a little corny but I enjoy chick flicks probably more than the average person. It might be because I’m a chick! I think my favorite one has to be Knocked Up. It starred Katherine Heigl and it was so funny. For those of you who have never been pregnant or have been close to someone that is pregnant, you need to watch it!

My boyfriend rented it so we could watch it over at his house on directv deals. The jist of it is that this beautiful blond and average guy and she gets pregnant after a one night stand with him. They try to make it work as a couple with a few hysterical bumps along the way. I should mention she lives with her sister and brother in law. They have a whole mess of problems themselves. They’re married, bored, have children, and I got the impression that they really just didn’t like each other. It was sad but the directors made it very funny.

The ending was typical. She went into labor and after the baby was born, they both realized how much they cared for each other and lived happily ever after. This has to be one of the funniest chick flicks I’ve seen in a long time. It’s well worth your time to check it out!

Entertainment In A Cozy Restaurant

I have notice that some restaurants now have TV in their dining area. I have seen it in Thai-Filipino restaurant and Mexican restaurant right around in our neighborhood. I think that’s a good idea though, to have their customer get entertained while waiting for their orders. It is quick now to set up the television in a restaurant with It invites more customers and aside from that it’s fun watching your favorite show while munching on your scrumptious meal. You get lots of option as there are also other services like commercial satellite tv that have special offers and great features that you can’t get from other TV provider. You can even add music if you get your services from DIRECTV. They offer a great lineup of SonicTap Music Channels for your business or office environment. Directv is known to be the #1 in sports programming with top notch customer satisfaction. You can get 160 channels from direct TV. It brings good atmosphere to your restaurant. Your customer will keep coming back and feel comfortable like they are eating in their own kitchen. You might also want to check out Dish business to get the ultimate entertainment in your cozy restaurant. Let your loyal customer to feel at home and enjoy their favorite show while having a family dinner at your restaurant. Businesses that showcase any entertainment device like Television will more likely to succeed. I observed that in this Mexican restaurant that we always dine out. They started their business three years ago and until now they getting more customers each day. And other restaurant in that same street were already closed and got bankrupt. So, if you have restaurant you might want to consider setting up a television for your business. Visit the links provided and get a quote. What are you waiting for?

How I Met Your Mother

Thanks to guest blogger Tonya Van for writing this post.

Who can forget the premier of the comedy, CBS’s How I Met Your Mother that has taken 5 seasons to reveal who the mother to Ted Mosby’s two kids is. I was floored by the ending of the pilot episode when we are informed by Future Ted’s voice-over, played by Bob Saget, that his girlfriend, Canadian Robin, is not the ‘mother’ in question. The story follows best friends Ted, Robin, married couple Marshall and Lilly and eccentric playboy Barney Stinson as they live everyday life in Manhattan. The story’s main aim is to figure out from all the women that Ted comes in contact with, who his wife in present day is.

Each episode begins with either a shot of Future Ted’s son and daughter or a shot of the New York skyline, but it always begins with the word ‘Kids…’.The most memorable season finale was the first season when Robin and Ted begin to date exclusively while Lily and Marshal take a break from their relationship with Lily leaving to follow her artistic dreams. What makes this series so addictive is Barney’s unpredictable dating life and his famous ‘Legendary’ catch phrase. Barney is Ted’s self-appointed best friend.

Five seasons later and even if we do not yet know how ‘he met their mother’, we remain glued to this show on Satellite TV with directv pay per view. It probably will be so until the day we find out who the mystery woman is.