Special thanks to Dominique Daniels for submitting this post

Watching Family Guy on our directv satellite service is a ritual that my husband and I have at least three times a week. We watch the show right after we put the kids to bed. Although, I love the show it is not something I let my kids watch. The subject matter tends to be shocking sometimes but is always funny. This is a great show for a couple to watch because of the humor involved and laughing is always good for a couple to do together.

The last episode we watched was about Meg dating a convict. I sat there with my mouth open much of the show and my husband laughed very hard the whole time. Our reactions to the subject matter made us both laugh even more. The little baby Stewie is my favorite character. He is always plotting and planning something evil at only one-year-old.

The characters all have lovable, disgusting and shocking sides. We love how the show’s writers tend to make fun of everyone and almost cross the line in every subject matter. It is a show that teaches us not to be so serious about things that are normally serious subjects.

Family Guy is a great time for adults who need to giggle about life at the end of the day. The show has been criticized by many because of the extremes that the writers go to, but that in a way makes it funnier. The fact that this show is aired for viewing is sometimes wondered by me, but I keep watching it because it keeps making me laugh. I will surely keep directv in the future just so that I can continue watching this show.