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Filipino Way Party

Who wouldn’t drool for this huh! Yeah, in the Philippines if there’s a party lechon (whole roast pig) is always present. This was taken when my sister got engaged. Her fiancé’ Kelly (her husband now) was so fascinated with how we celebrate traditional Filipino way. Our foods and preparations are way different from the American party. Filipino loves food and gatherings with families, relatives and friends no matter how huge the clan is there’s always food for everybody including the neighbors and perhaps the whole block in your street.

Meet Me & My Siblings

These are my brothers and sisters, I actually have 1 half brother but I don’t have picture of him. My half brother lives in Cebu City with his 3 kids and wife. He is the oldest and grew up in Negros Occidental, but when he was still young he used to spent vacations in our place during summer or semestral break.
I just want to share something about my siblings. Here are their latest pictures that I snagged at their Friendster profile. We never call each other with our given name, instead we call each other with our childhood nick name.

We call him “Yoyong a.k.a Kiyos”

My older brother Julius, 34 years old who works abroad as a seaman. He had one daughter; 20 months old, who is living right now with the mother. He can borrow his daughter from the mother whenever he is not on board. He is the bread winner in the family and helped my parents sent my youngest brother and sister to college.
They call me “Titing a.k.a Lagum”

I, second from the eldest, got married at the age of 30. When I was still working back home I helped him support our family and paid my sisters tuition fee when they were still in college. At present, even if I don’t have a job yet, I am glad I have a husband who understand my obligations to my family back home and tried our best to support them despite of our financial difficulties sometimes due to economic crisis.
We Call her “Jiji a.k.a Bakang”

My 3rd sibling; sistah Rachael Bateman 30 years old lives in Vegas at present with her own family. She’s the first got married in the family at the age of 26. She also tries her best to help out our family back home even if she doesn’t have a job yet. She is the only family I got in here and visited us every now and then if she has time. She didn’t finished college coz she chose to go to Palawan on the day of her final exam. Well, she got lucky with her life and found a good man to marry who love her so much.
We call her “Weweng a.k.a Tangkag”

The 4th siblings; sistah Louella 28 years old and still single yo! She just got back home from Dubai not able to finish her contract because of her health condition. She does not have a job yet at present and still living with my parents in Cagayan de Oro City. She finished computer secretarial in college but due economic crisis, lots of graduates there find it hard to land a job.
We call him “Boloy a.k.a Baboy”

The 5th siblings; bru Alex 26 years old and now living in Sultan Kudarat, General Santos at my uncles house. He finished his college there with the degree of BS Accountancy and now working as a Manager at one of the fast food chain in the place, Jollibee. He is supporting my family though especially if my older brother is not on board which means he don’t have salary as soon as he finishes his contract.
We call her Inday a.k.a Pandat”

The youngest of the family Laiza 24 years old and still living with my parents also. She just finished her working contract in one of the hotels in cagayan and no jobless and still looking for a job. He finished college with the degree of Criminology and she is hoping she can get a slot in a police force in Cagayan de Oro City. Like I said finding for job there in the Philippines is kind of hard. We hope and pray she can find a regular job soon.
So, here they are folks, as you noticed I am the one who looks different physically. Thank you for taking your time to check out my sistah and brotha.

Our Niece Juleanne

She’s our little baby niece Juleanne. My sister sheila and i haven’t met her yet in person and i am so really excited to meet her hopefully next year. She is the daughter of our eldest brother Julius. And right now she’s the one who keep her lolo and lola entertain. We’ll see you soon inday…

Juleanne with her lola(granma, our mother)

With her Lolo(grandpa,our father)

(our bro)Father and Daughter bonding

With the mommy and relatives,our aunt and cousins

Our youngest sissy,the aunt and niece bonding

This is an old post from our blogs Sissy’s Pastime. My sister is planning to fused her two blogs so that she only have 3 blogs to managed. She is one crazy sissy, so whatever her decision is, suportaan tika sis.