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Sushi Summer Roll & Pumpkin Loaf

Sushi Summer Roll

Who’s hungry for some healthy veggie roll? This is a store bought food and it looks healthy because it is made with vegetables like carrots, lettuce, avocado, cucumber and more wrapped in tapioca and topped with fresh shrimp. It make a delectable appetizer. I searched online and found a good recipe from Panlasang Pinoy You should check it out.

Pumpkin Loaf

In time for Halloween and pumpkin season. How would you like to have a slice of this pumpkin loaf? We bought this during the Fall Festival. It wasn’t that bad though. The cream cheese add some taste to this loaf. And of course I am the one been eating this because my people don’t like pumpkin.

FoodTripFriday | Buffet Foods

I’m craving for these kind of foods. My monitor is not fixed yet so I’m posting an old food photo that had been setting in my draft.
Mixed of sea foods, breakfast and dessert at Studio B Buffet

These were some of the foods I ate at Studio B Buffet in M resort and casino, Las Vegas. I love their seafoods especially the sushi. We have sea food buffet here but they have limited selection and my husband don’t like most of it.

FTF – Breaded Shrimp and Crab Stick

We bought a pack of breaded shrimp at Costco and it taste good. Well, shrimp always taste good to me. We also like ordering crab stick at our favorite Chinese Restaurant. These are the only seafood the husband eats including calamare as long as it’s breaded and fried.

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