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Want some Pop Tarts?

Bulaga!!! wanna play peek-a-boo???

I wonder how this kitty pop tart would taste like, I’m sure rats would love it. But in fairness Pop tarts really taste good, not the kitten guys hehehe. You can give some of this as treats to your kids and they love it, heheh not the kitten again peepz hehe silly. You can have some of this while watching your favorite movies. hhmmm meow yummy! tsk! tsk!

Home Schooling?

How’s your day guys? Seems like Thursday is so quiet and lazy day, plus the weather here looks like its gonna cry anytime. Here’s something to cheer you up peepz, I got this from my friend a long time ago, and I thought it would be nice to share them to all of yah. Keep smiling people and hope you all have a nice, happy Thursday.
Home Schooling?
If gas prices get any worse, we may need to consider Home Schooling options….
Home Schooling
The kids start the day with Mom supervising breakfast.

Then off to school they go.
Everyone has an assigned seat in the classroom.

After resting up, they’re ready for some fun.
Where’s Waldo is their favorite game.

Before you know it, everyone is tired out.

When the kids get home from their busy school day, it’s time for a bath. Then they dry off before bedtime.

Put a smile on your face, And a song in your heart!

Health Class
Sewing lessons
P. E.
Swimming Lessons
For everyone that needs to smile today!!

It is bad to suppress laughter because it goes back
down and spreads your hips!