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Ohhh Yes! Yessss I won!

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I won in Mom’s first giveaway worth $300 Satchel Bag. My dream bag. Who’s drooling now?!!!

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Ladies and Gentelmen, bitches and faggots, pretty and fugly, rich and poor like me, Im happy to tell you that I WON!!! Ohh yeah! Would you believe that COACH bag worth whooping 3oh-oh bucks. The kind that I certainly can’t afford to buy. Thanks to Umma’s generosity for hosting a fabulous giveaway like this. She gave me the opportunity to own this fabulous bag. I am ecstatic, overjoyed, overwhelmed in a good way, and happy happy joy joy. I apologize with my language but what the heck i won!!! And Im happy as hell you know. Seriously, I am just so happy, very happy, extremely happy as a matter of fact. Thanks tsang, thank you so very muchos!

Thanks a million to all the Main sponsors and and Level 1 sponsors of this contest.

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I won at Momgen’s giveaways

Recently, I have been joining again giveaways and contest. Others I never get lucky, until I won the 4rth prize of Momgens Crafts Store Giveaways. I also won the 10th prize last week Genebie first blog contest. Awesome huh!… Contest is so much fun if you win hehehe. Here are the prizes I won from Momgen.

It Includes:
* 1 pair of white mother of pearl with white pear earrings
* 5 sets of Christmas cards
*2 sets of girly greeting cards
*1 gift card holder
* 6 green scrap papers
1000 EC – Cooking’s Fun
1000 EC – Rewards Station
Thanks a million always momgen, keep up the good work!