I finally got the time to clean our untidy bathroom last week. And I cleaned it again yesterday because my son accidentally pooped in the bath tub while taking a bath.  I was busy dressing Justine and when i came back in the bathroom to pull him out, there he was swimming with his own poop.  Anyhow, after I clean the bathroom, I placed a mat in the door step.  The next day i woke up from my husband’s swearing loud voice because he almost slipped on the mat that I put in the door step.  He was pissed because he almost fell.  Then early that day we went to the picnic at raccoon Creek park witht he Cottrill family.  They invited us because it was Rylie’s birthday.  My husband been complaining but I ignored it.  His face was always pouting like I can hang a bucket on it.  Then yesterday, his face still firm and unhappy.  I asked him what is wrong.  And he showed me the swelling part in his leg after he almost slipped.  He pulled a muscle from that accident and now it was swelling.  I feel bad though, but what can i do he wasn’t watching where he was going that is why he slipped.  I am such a bad biatch wifey hehe.  Opppsss My bad Soooorrrryyyy.