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School Clothes Shopping

Guest written by our friend Clara Castro

It is that time again where my kids need a ton of clothes for school. They did get some new ones for their birthdays, but they still have to get a few new outfits for sure. I have started out by looking online with my hughes net internet in Californiaconnection. There are several websites that you can find clothes on sale for a good price. The best part to me is that you are able to find coupons to use on these sites as well. This way I can usually save money by not having to pay for shipping or something like that on the item. I love the fact that I can usually find a great deal this way. I have been able to get the kids several outfits and only spent about $100 on them all. It has helped me out a ton by doing it this way. I would recommend it to anyone who is wanting to save money while shopping for school clothes this year. I usually buy the kids clothes at Christmas this way as well. I can always find good deals thanks to the great satellite internet providers.

Who Needs a Wedding Planner When You Have the Internet?

Thanks for the guest post by Bradly Watkins

When I got married, I was at a financially rough time in my life. I could not afford a wedding planner or an expensive DJ – however, I was able to plan my entire wedding online – save thousands, and have a wedding friends and family are still talking about!

There are many websites that can help you find vendors (caterers, DJ’s, etc) at a discount. Websites such as CraigsList, and even Facebook, can put you in contact with the right people! Plus, if you have high speed Internet (I use hughes net satellite internet), you have no excuse not to use these wonderful resources!

I planned my entire wedding online – I bought my dress on EBay, I hired my DJ off of CraigsList and I purchased favors and decorations from various discount party suppliers. In the long run, I spent about $5,000 – about $10,000 less than a typical wedding – for everything (hall, caterer, DJ, favors, dress, officiator). In tough economic times, I was able to make all of my dreams come true – and be the princess with the fairy tale wedding, just like I had always dreamed!

Getting my 2 year old on the computer

Post from Connie Markson

My daughter is only 2 years old, but she already plays around on the huges net satellite internet servicea little bit. We just got a connection because we found some good satellite internet deals. I honestly didn’t go about showing her how to work everything because she is too little. I take her to playhouse Disney or the Nickelodeon websites. I pick her favorite shows on TV and we play the games together. She gets so excited seeing Dora and Diegoon the screen. These are her 2 favorite that she loves to watch on television. We recently played a game where you take Dora through a garden. She has to pick the same color of flowers to jump on as you go. My daughter is just learning her colors so this was great for her. She was able to pick the colors and tell me where to click. When we were done, we printed out her completed garden and she loved it. She has been carrying this picture around for days. It is great that children can learn from the internet even at a young age. There are so many different things out there for them to play.