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Stress-Sensing Watches
The Biofeedback StressWatch Tells You When You Need to Take a Deep Breath

The biofeedback StressWatch allows you to track bodily functions such as your heart rate and temperature. Displaying ‘well-being waves’ on the clock face allows you to gauge how stressed you are and tells you when you need to calm down and take a deep breath. If you are living in high-stress life, you should have this biofeedback Young

Handless Watches
Mr. Jones’ ‘Cyclops’ Uses Floating Hoops to Tell Time

by:Ryan Hinkson

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10 Secrets of Timeless Style

The inspiration for a line of great-fitting (and looking) coordinates came in 2001 when Gayla Bentley went looking for elegant clothes for her curvy figure that would also travel well. Russell Bentley, Gayla’s husband who co-founded the company, says “she’s her own best customer.”
This dedication to bring excitement to the plus size market has carried over into missy sizes as well; now the company carries sizes 2-28.

Instead of baggy, shapeless clothing to hide in, Gayla looks for what she calls “an illusion of fit.” This could be in the versatile Gigi wrap (pictured), sashes or obis

10 Secrets of Timeless Style

Neckline Focus
Monochromatic Looks
Simple, Elegant Lines
Movement in Clothes
Illusion of Fit
Modern Comfort
Break the Rules
Flattering Silhouettes
No-Fail Chic Accents
Trendy Accessories