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Twilight on eBay

There are so many upcoming New movies right now that will be shown on theater nationwide and international, twilight eclipse is one of them. After I saw the twilight on DVD that I won from Kikamz contest I can’t help myself but to find the next series twilight newmoon. It’s expensive to buy the new Twilight Newmoon DVD online or at any store so I decided to rent it on Comcast for $5. It sort of expensive and I get to see it once but it was all worth it. However, when my sister visited me last week, she mentioned that she already read the book series of Twilight. I asked her if I can borrow it and send them to me on the mail. I still prefer to watch the movie but my sister said the book has complete details. I am not sure if she will lend me the book so I went to eBay and checked out the complete set of the four books of the “Twilight” series namely Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. I found different seller of the said novel and bid on it. Unfortunately, all my bids were outbid by other auction bidders. What a bummer! I think I’ll just wait for the twilight eclipse movie to be out on the theater. And I will just wait for my sister to send on the mail the complete set of the twilight series book. I also look forward for this movie and the rest of the new movies to be shown on HBO channel or Starz. These are the two channels on TV where I can watch latest movies. Lately, they have been showing latest movies that i don’t feel like watching. I also watch online for free movies especially Filipino movies. I’m glad there is an Internet that allows us to watch movies and our favorite shows.

MM – Way Back Into Love

I was watching the movie Music and Lyrics starring Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant the other night and I was fascinated with their Soundtrack ” Way Back Into Love ” sung by Cora Corman and Hugh Grant in the movie. I like the lyrics and the melody of the songs that made me think of my Music Monday entry for this week. So here is the video guys, and the lyrics below, hope you like it too.

Heres the lyrics of the songs, thanks you tube you rocks!!!

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