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Looking Back of My Deca Home

Selling a house is equally stressful as buying it. There is many responsibility and obligations that goes with it when you sell a house. You have to be prepared of what you will be giving up in selling the house and how much returns you will get in investing it. I’ve been to this situation when I was selling my house and the agent I was with is not helping because she wanted to make more money out of the house. All I want to do was get rid of the house and atop paying monthly mortgages so I was willing to take whatever prices a buyer had in their pocket. Unfortunately, since I had no experience in real estate and my supposed to be agent was not helping me, I was forced to leave the house behind until I got noticed of eviction. Well, having a trusted and reliable realtor agent would help a lot when you sell a house as they know everything about real estate.

I don’t usually regret on every impulsive decision i have had in my entire life but after I gave up the house i realize how stupid I was for wasting my money. I paid the equity in full amount and i’ve been paying the monthly mortgage of 5,600 pesos and that was a big amount of money already. I even had some part of the house improve and added. Right now my brother, and cousins have their own duplex house at deca homes. Sometimes, I just can’t help thinking about my life back then. My life here is kind of boring, too simple, tiring, full of uncertainties. Only one thing certain my children but i am anxious of what my future will be. I don’t have job and don’t have a clue of what job im gonna apply in the future. I had so much fun memories in this house including the problem which was mostly financially. Once in a while it feels okay to reminisce thos good ol days and look back at your past from fun, to challenging including the mistake and problem.

My Immortal-one of my fave

This is one of my few favorite song. My Immortal by Evanescence. Actually i love all of this songs, I had copy of their albums i just burn it from the computer but i left it back home. If I feel so alone and lonely i just listen to their music in youtube or any inspirational songs on cd.

So Long August, Hey “ber”

Few hours left before the clock and the calendar changes it course. How time flies and I don’t even realize that summer will be about to be over. In other part of the world it was already September though, while here it is still the 31st of August.

Time to delete some links as well from advert who don’t want to renew and I’d be happy to clean up my blog’s side bar. Since Mr. “ber” is here, just like the drinks beer, it won’t taste good with out ice it in which means cooler air and breeze will start coming in. As much as I hate to feel the freezing temperature on winter, I still be thankful for it because only in this place i experience the magical four season.

Oh, well just want to wish every body a happy day. I started my day with not so good morning, but i don’t want to end it that way. Spread good vibes folks and let’s all together bid good bye to August. So long.