Family Camping 2012

We went camping last summer. It was the first camping experience for our kids. They love it and wanted to do it again next summer. Instead of renting a cabin, we decided to just do the traditional camping and put up our tent. We slept in our tent the whole time. The kids got to experienced grilling a marsmallow and made a delicious S’mores. The camping place we went to had a pool, a playground for children and a hiking area. We all had fun and we hope to do that again next year.

There are lots of activities that we can do when the weather is fine and sunny. We can go to the beach, hiking, fishing, camping and more. Camping is one of the most fun-filled family activity that teaches our kids on how to be independent and interact with nature. In every places there is a camping site that offers great camp facility and safety ground. Camp Chateaugay is one of the many camping area that you would want to consider as they offer amazing summer camp program for kid and adult alike. You can visit their website at for information.

Camp Chateaugay is located in Merrill, New York. Campers will have a blast exploring the area, making friends, getting involve with all the activities and much more. Camp Chateaugay has an incredible collection of activities and facilities that every one (kids and adult) will enjoy and find it memorable. This camp is really all about people – campers from all over including other countries, who become new and lasting friends; counselors and specialists who become new mentors. So, if you are looking for an incredible summer camp with fun activities and program for your teens, then Camp Chateaugay is the perfect destination. So, check it out now!