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PhotoHunt | Bling

The photohunt meme has its new place. You can click the link above and join us. The theme for this week is Bling and I think the silly bandz will pass as bling.
Silly Bands

Photohunt | Broken

Would you believe a not two year old yet little girl broke this heirloom glass table. I guess the table was about to give up and when the girl lean on the table, it collapse. This week theme for photohunt is broken and this is what I found in my picture folder.

Photohunt | Waiting

Here is a photo of a squirrel waiting for someone to throw food at them. Waiting is the theme for this week Photohunt.

This picture was taken when we went to the park and we sat in one of the picnic bench for snacks. Couple of squirrels came closer begging for food.