Halloween Display at Trax Farm

As you all know we went on a pumpkin patch last Sunday. Drove less than 30 minutes from our place going to Trax Farm. It was actually our first pumpkin patch experience and our first time to see that big farm too. The husband who was the driver not too familiar with the street and since we don’t on gps, we got lost of course. But we still able to find the way to the farm though. We did not expect to see tons of people in that place though. There were so many fun ride for kids such as train ride, hay ride, bungee jumping, slides and more. Some people who love Halloween can really put up a good Halloween theme farm and the person working in that place knows how to handle kids. Some people who have interest in teaching children, or want to become nurses can get online masters degree programs in nurses. This is one of the very in demand job these days.

Anyway, we finished carving the pumpkin last Tuesday. Jake and Justine were both helping me carve the pumpkin and taking the seeds and other stuffs inside the pumpkin. They’re both happy helper. My hands and fingers were all sore carving four pumpkins manually. We don’t have pumpkin carver so I used knife to carve it. I’ll show the picture later once I’m done uploading it.